The Australian Dental Foundation is proud to be a part of many community initiatives including the following:

Cancer Council - Rethink Sugary Drinks Project

In partnership with Cancer Council SA, the Australian Dental Foundation has produced a new resource that educates children about the health impact of sugary drinks. This activity book has now reached thousands of children, delivered alongside our ‘My School Dentist’ program visits at kindergartens, primary and secondary schools.

Rethink Sugary Drinks Activity Book PDF

Supporting Local and Rural Communities 

As we are passionate about helping improve oral health outcomes and well-being, the Australian Dental Foundation often donate dental supplies to local dentists and/or dental teams visiting rural and remote communities. Recently, we donated 200 oral health kits, in partnership with North Adelaide Dental Care, which were distributed to children at Nadroumail Primary School located in Sigatoka, Fiji.

Novita Dental Program

The Australian Dental Foundation has partnered with Novita since 2018 to make oral health care and education more accessible to children with a disability. Many of these children and their families have difficulty accessing mainstream services and so, offering onsite dental clinics at Novita locations has made a great difference in their oral health outcomes and well-being.

Rural & Remote Initiatives

Australian Dental Foundation supports dental teams visitng eligible remote and rural communities to undertake oral examinations, treatment and maintenance through donated mobile dental supplies.

For areas without a regular dental service, such mobile clinics can afford a similar standard of care to what you would expect from a major centre without the inconvenience and cost of having to commute large distances.

Recent Initiatives

Made possible through support from one of our partner clinics North Adelaide Dental Care, the donation of 200 oral health kits were distributed to children at Nadroumail Primary School located in Sigatoka, Fiji.

School Visit 1











School Visit 2