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The Local Dentist – Box Hill is your local dental practice located in Sia Box Hill Medical Centre, operated by the Australian Dental Foundation (ADF). We pride ourselves in providing quality and comfortable dental care for you and your family, using the latest approved techniques and materials in dentistry. Smile brighter at The Local Dentist – Box Hill knowing we are passionate about helping you and your family maintain optimal oral health for a lifetime of happy and healthy smiles, directly supporting the Australian Dental Foundation’s efforts to improve Australia’s oral health outcomes and well-being.

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Located in Sia Box Hill Medical Centre
Level 1, 938-940 Whitehorse Road,
Box Hill, VIC, 3128
 (03) 8595 3075



General Dentistry

General Dentistry is the foundation of good oral health and covers the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of any diseases and disorders detected.


Cosmetic & Reconstructive 

Addressing the overall appearance of your smile – tooth colour, position, shape, size and alignment. The management of both teeth and gums.


Dental Hygiene 

This is a very important part of routine oral care which includes removing calculus and stain build up on your teeth which help to prevent decay.


Dental Emergency 

Our experienced dental team can provide short term and professional treatment for your dental emergency, accident or urgent dental situation.