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Bronze Local Sponsors

The Australian Dental Foundation are thankful for the following sponsors who enable us to continue our vital work in communities who need us the most.

In partnership with Data Vision Australia, who regularly supports the Australian Dental Foundation with our ICT/Technology. Their support has been instrumental in helping us achieve our goals and make a meaningful impact.

The Australian Dental Foundation works closely with Created 2 Print who is a leading provider of innovative printing solutions.

Our Partners

We collaborate with a diverse range of organisations that share passion and commitment to making change and bettering the health and well-being of our community. Our partners choose to engage in a variety of ways to help us help those most vulnerable and promote oral health’s importance.  Together, we are improving Australia’s oral health outcomes and well-being together to secure a future without oral disease. Contact us today to learn more about how we can work together.

Recognising oral health’s importance, our partnership with the Government of South Australia looks to further improve outcomes of our most vulnerable South Australian children and young people in care, or who have left care, supporting increased, free dental services. As a state’s first, this is a significant step towards bettering the lives of the most vulnerable young Australians with the best opportunity for a healthy start to life.

In partnership with Zoos SA, the Australian Dental Foundation regularly attends events – including their annual Teddy Bear Picnic – to promote oral health and its importance to South Australian children and that of their families.

The Australian Dental Foundation works closely with Novita to increase support for children living with disability and that of their families, with access to appropriate and sustained preventive and routine oral health care in a specialised local environment.

Working in partnership with Cancer Council SA, the Australian Dental Foundation supports Cancer Council’s Rethink Sugary Drinks initiative, with the co-development of a ‘How much sugar are you drinking?’ activity book. Targeted towards children and teenagers, the resource aims to raise awareness about the effects of sugary drinks and encourages healthier alternatives.

“The collaboration between the Australian Dental Foundation and Cancer Council SA has seen the creation of a new resource that educates children about the impact of sugary drinks. This activity book has reached thousands of children and will aim to encourage children to swap sugary drinks for water”

Natalie Von Bertouch
Project Officer, Cancer Council SA and Former Australian Diamonds Netball Captain.

The Australian Dental Foundation partners with Foodbank SA to further support disadvantaged Australians. Since 2015, we have generously donated many toothbrushes included in all Food Hubs and their take-home packs to enable and promote oral health hygiene amongst disadvantaged Australians.

“On behalf of 117,000 Australians who seek food assistance every month, I would like to thank the Australian Dental Foundation for supporting Foodbank SA. The toothbrushes that have generously been donated are now available to struggling families at all Foodbank SA Food Hubs and have also been included in take-home packs that are sent out to disadvantaged school children.”

Greg Pattinson
CEO Foodbank SA.

Bank SA’s generous support has provided funding to significantly enhance our service scope and treatment footprint supporting underprivileged children and families across metropolitan and regional South Australia.

Because of the generosity of KidzFix Rally, we were able to purchase mobile dental equipment which has greatly enhanced our sterilisation and diagnostic capacity. This has been integral in helping the Australian Dental Foundation move closer to its vision.

The Australian Dental Foundation became the first grant recipient of the Cooper Sustainable Giving Program in 2017. The grant has been integral in helping us support emergency and preventive dental care to almost 4500 residents in socially disadvantaged nursing homes, providing oral examinations, dental hygiene, denture repair/maintenance, fillings, extractions, oral health education, treatment materials/disposables and sterilisation of reusable instruments.