Aged Care & Retirement Living

Aged Care Program

Many low care nursing home residents are edentulous (i.e. have no teeth), suffer denture-related mucosal conditions and often rely on their care-givers to control and/or prevent oral disease. Whilst, cognitively impaired high care residents face increased risk of dental issue and increased need for assistance/treatment. Poor oral health has been linked with increased mortality and morbidity in nursing home residents, and has a known measurable impact on quality of life for those individuals suffering from the aforementioned issues. In particular, the social impact of poor oral health can have an ongoing effect on other aspects of older adults lives, such as their general health, oral health, social support and communication abilities. 

The Australian Dental Foundation's Aged Care Program strives to support the provision of professional and high quality dental treatment and related services to seniors in aged care facilities and residential living complexes to control and prevent pain, eating difficulties, communication difficulties and social embarrassment caused by dental-related problems.

We take the hassle out of organising trip for seniors from the nursing home to the dentist, operating as a fully functional mobile dental team and providing a wide range of dental services to residents. This includes examinations, cleans and where required, fillings, x-rays, denture services and extractions.

Onsite screening and treatment services are undertaken by qualified and experienced clinicians, all of whom have the relevant qualifications, training and dedication to providing high quality dental care to our community. Oral assessement will determine the resident's dental status, present and future treatment needs and a planned schedule of treatment to ensure optimum oral health.

Fees and Pricing

Our Aged Care program bulk bills Department of Veterans Affairs Gold Care Holders and participates in all government assistance schemes such as the Pensioner Denture Scheme, Emergency Dental Scheme and General Dental Schemes to reduce the out of pocket costs for eligible patients. 

Those insured with private health may be eligible for potential rebates available once full payment has been made to the Australian Dental Foundation.

Aged Care and Residential Living Visits

The Aged Care program can visit your aged care or residential living complexes to provide onsite dental treatment via mobile dental clinics.

To schedule a dental screening or for further information, please contact your local program coordinators via email or phone to register your site's interest for the Aged Care Program.