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After months of preparation, the Australian Dental Foundation is proud to finally launch Tele-dentistry as an convenient and cost-effective option for you and your family in seeking help and professional advice about a dental concern.

Put simply, tele-dentistry is a dental assessment delivered by a video chat application, between a patient (carer/legal guardian) and a local Australian registered dentist.

It will allow you to discuss with a dentist any pain you may be experiencing or any concerns you have about your oral health. The dentist will be able recommend next steps given your health information and photos provided prior and provide a referral to a local dental clinic and/or prescribe medication as clinicially appropriate.

By utilising this option, an after hours’ trip to the local hospital or GP clinic due to a dental issue and/or concern (especially for remote and rural communities) may no longer be clinically necessary.

Importantly, tele-dentistry is not intended to replace a full dental examination, but is designed to address a particular dental concern.

There is only a small fee associated with the cost of this tele-dentistry service given tele-dentistry services are not yet funded by Medicare. 

To request a tele-dentistry consultation with a dentist, please give one of our local teams a call - SA: (08) 7226 1709  or
VIC: (03) 9013 6644  

Please take a moment to read the Tele-dentistry General Patient Information Booklet for further information about tele-dentistry as an option for you and your family. 

Patient Information Booklet

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