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Transforming Smiles and Lives: Our Partnership with River Nile School and Gladstone Park Secondary School
28 June 2023 | Media Release
The Importance of Dental Hygiene
28 June 2023 | News
Protecting Your Smile: Understanding Enamel Erosion
09 June 2023 | News
Select Committee into the Provision of and Access to Dental Services in Australia
09 June 2023 | Media Release
Quit Smoking for a Healthy Smile: World No Tobacco Day
31 May 2023 | Media Release
Don’t Be So Sweet – Dr Greg Miller speaks with Peter Goers on evenings on ABC Radio Adelaide
19 May 2023 | News
Dr Greg Miller: Dangerous DIY dental trends on TikTok
18 May 2023 | News
Australian Dental Foundation visits South Port Primary School
17 May 2023 | News