Multi-Disciplinary Mental Health

22 March 2023 | Events

The healthcare industry is one of the most challenging fields to work in. Healthcare workers are responsible for the well-being of others and often work in high-stress environments, with long hours and constantly changing expectations. For too long, the responsibility has been on individual healthcare workers to recognize and manage their own stress, burnout, or depression. It’s time to change that.

We recently partnered with Harley Dental and Harley Day Surgery to host “Pit Stop with Dr Sachin Kulkarni and Ananth Venkatesh: Resilience”. The aim of the event was to provide healthcare workers from different disciplines with a platform to share their experiences and strategies for building resilience in a dynamic workplace. The event had a significant turnout, with more than 15 participants actively participating in interactive sessions.

The event focused on building a personal Resilience Toolkit that participants can refer to when faced with stressful situations. Participants were able to share their own experiences and learn from others, building a sense of community among healthcare workers. The session also featured a guest speaker, Pragati Rayar, a social worker who presented on the topic of burnout.

The importance of building resilience cannot be overstated, particularly in the healthcare industry. Burnout is a significant issue for healthcare workers, with long hours, high-stress environments, and constant demands taking a toll on mental health. Building resilience is one way to challenge burnout and improve workplace well-being. It’s essential to provide healthcare workers with the tools and resources they need to manage stress and maintain their mental health.

The “Pit Stop with Dr Sachin Kulkarni and Ananth Venkatesh: Resilience” event was just the beginning. The goal for 2023 is to build a tribe of healthcare workers who can listen, network, and together, build easily implementable strategies to manage stress and build resilience. It’s time to take action and support our healthcare workers in the challenging work they do every day.

We are grateful to all who participated and contributed to making the event immensely valuable.